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What is a cc:Sync Text Group?

A service that lets a group of people share a text conversation in which everyone gets every message and anyone can write or reply to a message. It’s the best way to reach a group instantly (since most people look at their text messages within minutes).

Most people have multiple groups. For instance you might have one group of everyone who works for you and another group of everyone working on a certain job.
If a group includes people who would rather get emails than text messages don’t worry - cc:Sync technology treats email and text messages the same and distributes them to the group instantly.

How do people use cc:Sync?

Project Management – The whole project team is hardly ever in the same place – some people are highly mobile, some are from different departments, locations and even companies. Communicate progress updates and deadline reminders instantly without worrying about where everyone is located.

International Travel – cc:Sync works with nearly every mobile carrier worldwide (over 600) and can help an international traveler communicate to a whole group for the price of 1 international message, cc:Sync distributes the message to the whole group.

Schedule Coordination – Need someone for a shift on Monday? Sending a text to the whole group is faster then contacting employees one-by-one. Everyone can see when the shift is filled.

Mobile Managers – Sometimes it’s the manager who travels the most and needs to lead from the road. cc:Sync gives managers a way to reach every person directly, quickly and to foster alignment across their team.

Proposals and Deals – New business is the lifeblood of many companies. Pulling a proposal or deal together is often a fast-paced team effort with lots of requests and dynamic information flying around that doesn’t always reach all the right people. With cc:Sync a much higher volume of messages reaches everyone.

Meeting/Event Management – On and off-site, cc:Sync is the best way to keep in touch with your team before, during and after an event. Want to make sure everything is perfect? Be everywhere your people are with cc:Sync.

More details:

Works with Every Mobile Phone and Email Address - cc:Sync works with every mobile phone regardless of who purchased or controls the phone and with any email account. Each person sends/receives messages in the manner they are used to.

Premium phone users (such as iPhone) will be able to see more of the conversation at one time. BlackBerry users can choose between sending/receiving messages as texts or as email.

Private and Secure - Groups are completely private and closed. Only the organizer can add or delete participants. Each communication to and from the group is transparently authenticated by the platform. With cc:Sync you reach your entire group and nobody except your group.

cc:Sync Web Application – The web application is a dashboard for all your Text Groups. Not only can you see estimated whole group availability and the entire group message stream, you can make changes and adjust settings 24/7. Each group participant gets their own dashboard too – so they can see their groups and message streams, manage their preferences and send/receive messages from the web.

Conversation is Continuous, Logged and Archived - In many industries there is a concern that information exchanged by text is not sufficiently captured. With cc:Sync a complete transcript of every group text conversation is kept. Any group member can see the entire conversation in the exact order, an advantage over email threads that can be received out of sequence and may be incomplete.

Of course the best way to learn about Text Groups is to start one! Click here for information on joining the demo.